Overcoming Challenges

And Turning Adversity Into Opportunities


At Happy Days, we believe that everyone has a big Dream, but most people are struggling to get started, have reached a crossroads, or been derailed by a bump in the road and don’t know what to do. The answer is usually as simple as a change of thinking and a fresh perspective.

We’ve all been in that situation where we’re stuck in rut, we can’t see the woods for the trees and the grey clouds seem to be relentless. What we’ve learnt through our collective experience, is that the clouds in our lives are usually caused by the way we are thinking, either about a situation, a person, or ourselves. The sunshine can return with something as simple as a Happy thought, which can light the path to a more positive place.

Combining our experience in Smart Recovery, Personal Development, Professional Development and Goal Mapping, our expert coaches will take you on a journey through your mind and emotions, shining a light for you with very simple practices and techniques, that will allow you to better understand how to recognise emotional shifts, change your thinking, identify what’s limiting you, create bullet proof self confidence, break through your boundaries and map your dreams from your deep intent.

We live by the philosophy that a journey of 1000 miles, starts with a single step and in sharing our team’s journey through the highs and lows, it will give you the confidence that no situation is too dire, no dream is too big and if you can see what you want in your mind, you CAN hold it in your hands.